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Dale Grieve Basketball

Personal best is when I achieve something I set out to achieve, doesn’t have to be related to sports but anything. If I set my mind to it and achieve it, that is my personal best.

About me

I started playing basketball properly when I reached secondary school. From the first year of high school basketball was something that I enjoyed and would choose to stick to. Throughout my years at high school I would train most days and play after school hours to improve my overall game. After I left school I would progress to play for the Glasgow Rocks basketball team for 3 years, which I really enjoyed. In recent years have decided to do something different and prioritise education over sports, I felt it was the right time to make plans for my future out-width sports by going to university to study marketing. Basketball is still a part of my life and i'm still very keen to keep playing and do so.


Dale Grieve






Playing Professional Basketball for 3 years
Receiving awards from basketball camps across the world
Playing for Scotland

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