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Eilidh Gibson Canoe Slalom

Refocusing when things go off plan, and learning from every set-back so for every day, every session, every race I am more prepared.

About me

My parents both paddled and I got involved through them. Originally a swimmer I switched to canoeing at age 13. Now my life is a chaotic combination of university and training. An incredibly hard balance but I’m determined to do both. Canoeing is my ultimate passion. I love everything about it, from the feeling of the boat when you fly through the white-water to the amazing places I’ve the opportunity to train and compete at. It is hard work and there are times when the university/training balance seems unachievable but my pure love of what I am doing makes it possible.


Eilidh Gibson


Canoe Slalom




5th at 2015 World Championships
World Cup Silver Medal
5th at 2014 European Championships

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