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Lisa Tobias Weightlifting

Give everything, believe you can and never give up

About me

I wanted to get back into my childhood sport of gymnastics after taking time out to start my own business and have 2 children.

I went to a personal trainer, Gordon to get me back in shape and while doing so he discovered that I had incredible strength for my size (4ft 11”) and weight (48kg).

We started lifting weights and decided to compete in a powerlifting competition. I won the Scottish, British, European and World Championships and set a new world record.

I then switched to olympic weightlifting to fulfil my childhood dream of representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Games. We’re a matter of days away from finding out whether my dream will become a reality.


Lisa Tobias






World Champion - Powerlifting
World record holder
5th place finish in Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships 2017

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