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Connie Ramsay Judo

I do everything I can in my power to be the best I can be. Even if training or competitions don’t go well, I make sure I push myself to do better next time.

About me

I started judo when I was 4 years old because my older brother used to do it. I used to cry when he went to training because he was allowed to stay up later than me and when he got home from judo late he got to have a bath whereas I had to go to bed!

I love how competitive judo is and I love challenging myself at training to then put my hard work into practice in competitions!

My main qualities as an athlete are hard work and dedication. No matter if it is training or competition I always try my hardest to be the best I can be.

Iv since retired from judo and have put my hand to giving boxing a try. Again with my determination and goals set, I managed to get selected by Scotland to compete in Poland with only ever having 6 previous bouts.


Connie Ramsay






Team Scotland Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Bronze
Glasgow Continental Open 2014, Bronze
Pan American Open 2013, Gold

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