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Louise Renicks Judo

Personal best is about always giving 100%. Understand that you may not get the result you wanted, but know that you gave everything and you can learn from it.

About me

Judo and sport generally have always been a massive part of my life. From a very young age my family took me to lots of activities within my area.

I have learned how to respect others, to control myself in difficult situations, to be disciplined and I have also found friends. Most of all I have found sharing my athlete journey with others rewarding and helpful.

As an athlete I am very organised, determined and always challenging myself to improve as a person. My judo journey started when I was 11 years old through my family. There have been outstanding days in my career and there also have been some tough days through injuries and selections. My sporting career has been a rollercoaster. However I have only become stronger as a person and had a fantastic support network from family and friends during it all. Having a sister join a lot of my journey has only added to my good memories and support.


Louise Renicks






Team Scotland, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Gold
European ranking list number 1 (2013)
Several world cup medals from all around the world

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