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Ross McFarlane Wrestling

Have a goal and figure out how you will achieve it. Strive to improve after setbacks and reward yourself when you do.

About me

I enjoy the challenge of wrestling and how much it pushes me. I started at the age of 13 because I was very small for my age. I soon realised I loved it.

It is a sport that is not only about strength but about skill and tactical wit. You have to use your brain as if it is a fast and physical game of chess.

Wrestling has given me so much with the experiences that have come my way but most importantly has built my character. I'm someone who is determined, respectful, willing, broad minded and successful.


Ross McFarlane






5th Commonweath Championships 2013, South Africa
Team Scotland, Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014, Quarter finals
British Champion 2013,14,15

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