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Kerry MacPhee Cycling

Let your head hit the pillow at night knowing you did everything you could that day to be the best you could be.

About me

I was born and bred in the remote Outer Hebrides and as a young girl growing up on a croft, sporting role models were few and far between (Unless Sporty Spice and Lightning from Gladiators count?). Little did I know I would go on to be the first ever person from the Outer Hebrides to compete at the Commonwealth Games- the ultimate dream come true and beginning of something I always thought could never happen to me.

I didn’t pursue my dreams of being an athlete when I was younger as I didn’t have the self-belief or role models to help me believe I could but I took every opportunity that came my way when the fire was lit once again in my 20s. Although I didn't start mountain biking professionally until I was 27, I have learnt that It’s never too late to tease out the best possible version of yourself and it’s never too late to find your passion. Say yes to everything, I did and I continue to.

My message for other aspiring youths? Be tenacious, be disciplined, enjoy the journey and remember, there are always two choices - what you want now and what you want most. If you live by that rule, your discipline will reap rewards :-)


Kerry MacPhee






British MTB marathon Champion 2015
Team Scotland Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, 13th MTB XC
10x Scottish Champion (in mtb and triathlon)

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