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Bringing Scotland’s young people face-to-face with great role models

What we do

Champions in Scotland is managed by the charity Winning Scotland Foundation

Along with partners and sponsors, we bring Scotland's young people face-to-face with great role models. We help young people in Scotland develop skills for life by working with, and learning from, the country's top sports men and women. The athletes are fantastic role models because to achieve success, they had to be passionate, hard working, dedicated and determined - traits that we want all young people in Scotland to have.  

Get Involved

Champions in Scotland enables any group or organisation working with young people to receive visits from great role models

You can book two types of visit:

  1. A one-off visit from a role model. You can pick a theme and plan and decide what kind of session you’d like to run with the Champion. 
  2. A three-visit Champions in Scotland programme. The role model will deliver two themed sessions (‘success through effort’ and ‘learning from failure’) with a third open session to suit your own needs. 

Evidence suggests that the three visit programme is more likely to create a lasting impact than one-off visits.

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What difference have the role model Champions made to the lives of young people in Scotland?

An independent evaluation, conducted by the University of Edinburgh in 2014, showed:

  • 90% of (400 surveyed) pupils learned to understand effort and commitment. 
  • 86.7% of surveyed pupils said they were more able to overcome challenges as a result of Champions in Schools, whether in sport or other aspects of life.

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Some helpful downloads that can be used with your visit from a role model...