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What difference have the Champions made to the lives of young people in Scotland?

An independent evaluation of Champions in Scotland , conducted by the University of Edinburgh in 2014, detailed the programme’s impact as follows:

  • 90% of (400 surveyed) pupils learned to understand effort and commitment. 
  • 86.7% of surveyed pupils said they were more able to overcome challenges as a result of Champions in Scotland, whether in sport or other aspects of life.
  • 84.6% of surveyed teaching staff said the Champions in Scotland programme showed pupils what sporting success can achieve and what hard work, commitment and dedication can lead to.

To measure the longer term impact of Champions in Scotland, the 2013-14 evaluation conducted a ‘retention’ study with 72 pupils who had taken part in Champions in Scotland more than 12 months prior to the survey.  

  • 80% of these retention pupils learned and recalled that over-coming challenge is possible. 
  • Over 95% remembered the message of never giving up and working hard. 

Full reports are available for download in the resources section.