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Creating a nation of young people who achieve their personal best

Who We Are

Our Champions in Scotland role models have all achieved personal success

Now they want to tell you how they’ve done it! Our role models include Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth athletes, professional footballers, basketballers and rugby players, incredible explorers and many more.

Our Champions all share one key quality: they are great role models, committed to helping young people to achieve their best in life.

You can find out more about these amazing people by visiting the Champions page and booking a visit by going to Find a Champion.


How we got here

Champions in Scotland is the new name for the successful Champions in Schools programme, created and delivered by Winning Scotland Foundation. Champions in Schools was delivered to more than 17,000 pupils across 24 Scottish local authorities using over 200 athlete role models.

We changed our name because we want all young people in Scotland – from schools, clubs or community groups – to meet and learn from our role models.  

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Aims & Objectives

What are we seeking to achieve through our role model Champions visits?

Our mission is to create a nation of young people that achieve their personal best in life.

We want role models to become a widespread and commonly used tool in the education and development of young people.

We are also aligned to Curriculum for Excellence principles and practice on learning in health and wellbeing. Our programme can help young people establish a pattern of health and wellbeing which will be sustained into adult life, promoting the health and wellbeing of the next generation of Scottish children.

"A lot of what the champion talks about is very relevant to us as teachers. Pupils are more focused on long term outcomes and having to strive and work hard despite setbacks towards achieving goals. It has given a number in the group a real focus on what they want to achieve."

Partners & Supporters

Champions in Scotland is supported by a partnership of organisations:

  • Winning Scotland Foundation
  • Commonwealth Games Scotland
  • The Sport Scotland Institute of Sport
  • Winning Students
  • Legacy2014

We are committed to developing people to realise their potential:

  1. By supporting Scotland's athletes to achieve the highest possible level of performance in all elements of their lives - sport, education, lifestyle, career.
  2. By ensuring our athletes are trained and committed as role models to pass on the valuable lessons they have learned to Scotland's young people through Champions in Scotland.